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Welcome, and thanks for the interest in Airedale Olympic Cycling Club. Feel free to browse the site for information then join us for a ride. Non-members are always welcome to try out club rides before deciding whether to join the club.

Aims of the club

The club is formed in the name of Airedale Olympic Cycling Club and is open to all persons to make application for membership.

The aims of the club shall be:

  • To develop the sport in all its forms.
  • To promote & develop the sport of cycling by the provision of races, time trials, leisure rides & activities for members.
  • To provide for members, club runs that are both varied & interesting. To ensure the use at all times of the Highway Code by members.
  • To have for members regular meetings for the exchange of ideas, & for the provision of social occasions.
  • The Club shall consist of ordinary members all having an equal say in Club activities.
  • Any ideas or suggestions can be put forward to the Secretary or President for concideration at club meetings.

Joining the Club

I’m an experienced cyclist and club member

Airedale Olympic is the local cycling club of west Leeds and Aireborough and is therefore convenient to cyclists from Rawdon, Yeadon, Guiseley, Horsforth, Calverley, Pudsey, Rodley, Cookridge, Headingley and surrounding area.

Our base at Rawdon/Yeadon gives direct access to the roads of the Yorkshire Dales, Nidderdale and beyond. We ride the roads of the Tour de France Yorkshire stages every week! The club provides and facilitates a wide range of road cycling including weekend club runs, training rides, social rides and events, velodrome sessions, time-trials and races. See our guidance on grading and rides.

The club is working at present on introducing new riders and providing progression and opportunities for experienced riders. A small number of former club members have gone on to become professional or successful amateur cyclists.

Fundamentally, you will meet and ride with fellow cyclists, and benefit from the identity and support of a club. All members are equal within the club and are encouraged to contribute with their ideas and suggestions. You can help make the club what you want it to be.

I’m new to road cycling clubs and cycling clubs


Our club members range in age from 17 to their 70s. At present, the club does not cater for children outside of specified events. Teenagers may take part in club rides if accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian. New cyclists should be in good health and reasonably fit.

Rides should be chosen carefully to be an achievable distance and difficulty. Initial rides can be arranged to help new riders assess distance or difficulty by speaking to the Club Secretary or see our guidance on grading and rides.

All riders must be able to control their bicycle.


Don’t worry, you don’t need a Tour de France type superbike! Bicycles for on-road rides should be ‘road bikes’ or ‘hybrids’. These generally have smooth tyres and no suspension. Other types of a bike like mountain bikes and BMX’s are not encouraged as they make road riding much more difficult, tiring and slower.

It is important that bikes are in roadworthy condition, with good tyres, gears and brakes in particular. Why not have yours checked and serviced at a local bike shop? We recommend Woodrup Cycles in Kirkstall. In winter months lights are essential and in wet weather mudguards make group riding much more pleasant.


We take our rides onto quiet lanes and avoid main roads wherever possible. We ride in a manner that is safe for cyclists and respects other road users. We ride as a group, two-abreast or single file where appropriate. We obey the highway code.


Fundamentally, to meet and ride with fellow cyclists. Riding with a club opens up new routes and destinations, it helps to develop your riding skills and provides progression to competition if you want that. Being in a club provides access to events such as riding at the Manchester Velodrome, club time-trials and cycling trips at home and abroad. Club members enjoy social get-together and benefit from each others knowledge and experience.

Being in Airedale Olympic provides a strong identity as a cyclist with our classic red, yellow and black kit.

Club Committee

Hamish RobertshawPresident
Chris StonemanSecretary
Alan SheardTreasurer
Trish BartonMembership Secretary
Cycling Time Trials RepresentativeDavid Lacy
Rob WardleClub Clothing & Provisions Secretary
Tom MurgatroydWelfare Officer